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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Incontinent patients
  • Permanently disabled individuals
  • Those who undergone surgery
  • Senior citizens with mobility issues
  • Accident victims
  • Even some started using while travel mainly during covid season to avoid using public toilets

The type of diaper you choose depends on the level of mobility. 

  • Self-Change: If you are mobile and mostly independent, if not entirely, the pant-style diaper should be fine for your daily use. It is a relatively easier option. You can change it anytime you want. It also ensures your dignity is maintained.
  • Caregiver: However, for immobile patients, a caregiver has to change diapers. In such cases, tap-style diapers are easier to manage during the changing time

For Baby

  • Keep baby’s skin clean and dry
  • Allow diaper area to dry before reapplying diaper
  • Wipe your baby’s tender skin with a mild or gentle baby wipes like Cozy or BeBe.
  • Choose good quality diaper such as “BeBe”
  • Choose right size of diaper considering baby’s body shape. Do not simply go with the weight if the baby is chubby. Note down the overlapping of weights mentioned to select the size of the diaper.

For Adult

  • Keep Patient’s skin clean and dry
  • Allow diaper area to dry before reapplying diaper
  • Wipe the skin with a good quality body wipes like DR C or Realcare bed bath wipes.
  • Select good quality of adult diaper such as DR C which have good absorbency and good quality

Usually, each diaper lasts for up to 8 hours (DR C Adult Diapers last for over 12 hours). The diaper can take 3-4 passes of urine at least; if the diaper is soiled by faeces, and then change it immediately. However, for hygienic purpose, it is advisable to change the diaper every 12hrs once.

Incontinence is a common condition that happens because of problems with the muscles and nerves that help the bladder hold or release urine. You may leak urine when you cough or sneeze. Or you may have a sudden urge to go but can’t get to the bathroom in time.

Incontinence is a serious problem but manageable. Elders are embarrassed to even speak about it. However, it is a common condition among a large number of elderly populace, mainly senior citizens

Even though this condition can be treated, there are limitations to this considering the patient’s age and health condition. Hence, there are plenty of products available to make your life easier and also ensure cleanliness and hygiene:

  • Disposable underwear (Adult Diapers)
  • Protective bed sheets and furniture covers (Under pads)
  • Incontinence pants  (Adult pullups)
  • A small commode in the bedroom

For any mother, the toothless baby smiles would mean the world to her. One of the important keys to child’s happiness is clean and dry diapers. 

Along with food, diapers also form a major component of a baby’s well-being.

Good quality diapers ensure the following 

  • Good sleep because of extra Dry layer – Quickly absorbs and spreads wetness evenly no leakage with the diapers
  • Ultimate comfort – Soft, Stretchy sides and adjustable fit for ultimate comfort
  • Anti-rashes

With all these, baby is benefited with the below

  • Baby’s happiness increases which in turn increases it’s activeness
  • Baby is more hygienic which increases baby’s health and growth and hence baby’s falling on sick will be reduced or avoided 
  • Baby’s physical and mental health improves which in turn improves baby’s IQ

What Our Customers are saying

Swetha K

CA Student

I have ordered Realcare Adult Diaper for my Grandpaa who is an incontinence patient. They have delivered it at my door step.The diaper quality is excellent and the price is very affordable. Now My Grandpa feel very comfortable to more around the house without any hesitation. I would recommend RealCare diapers and other products to all my friends and others. ​

Narasimharaju D​

Retired Govt Staff​

It's one of the best adult diapers in India, I have tried with many other brand diapers, but i get the comfortable and best performance in the RealCare Diapers only. They have been using cotton-like materials hence the diapers can be used more than 10 hours. Realcare products are available in Online as well as all the leading pharmacy stores like Apollo Pharmacy & other shops.​


Women Entrepreneur ​

My baby was premature baby I used another diaper product for him but I did not feel comfortable with it because it had urine leakage ,rashes problem and it was not size comfortable and its quality was also low so I switched to BeBe baby diaper product. BeBe baby diaper really was much better for me compared to another product because it did not leak urine ,no rashes ,Its quality was good and comfortable price , comfortable size also. Thank you BeBe and i was strongly recommend to my relatives and friends to buy product

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