About RealCare

Best Adult Diapers in India

We are devoted to ensuring the quality of our products

About RealCare

RealCare provides the Best Adult Diapers in India. In 2007, Realcare Hygienic Products Private Limited began as an independent importer of high-quality adult diapers, adult briefs, underpads, bed and bath wipes, baby diapers, baby pants, baby wipes, and baby dry sheets.
By examining the input raw materials, their properties, purity, and adhering to all proclaimed qualities, we are devoted to ensuring the quality of our products. Our vast stock and perfect logistic handling enable us to deliver to our customers 24/7. In addition to delivering a high level of consistency across our product line, we also offer a consistently high level of customer service. Our huge inventory allows us to meet your demands quickly and efficiently. For our dealers and resellers, we maintain fair pricing so that you may receive exactly what you need at the right price. To meet our client's increasing expectations, we built a cutting-edge infrastructure unit equipped with innovative manufacturing machinery and overseen by our expert specialists. We have launched our brands, Dr. C (Doctor's Choice), Realcare, Bebe & Cozy which all have excellent quality. We understand that finding a brand of adult diapers that you can trust can be difficult. We strive to bring you the highest-quality adult diapers while being as affordable as possible. We don't want our goods to be out of reach for anybody who needs them, and We don't want to compromise on quality in order to save money.

Our Mission

The mission of Realcare is to provide 100% satisfaction to elderly people, people with incontinence, or other special needs who are living in India and also baby diaper users. With our high-quality diapers and wipes, we can ensure that our customers feel confident and continue living their lives without the hassle of incontinence issues.

Our Vision

Realcare's vision is to become the #1best diaper brand in India. We want to be the go-to choice for every Indian babies, adult who needs help managing incontinence. We aim to accomplish this by providing a high level of care and integrity in our products, customer service, and business practices.

We hope that by providing this service, we can give our customers back their dignity and sense of independence.

RealCare Journey


Launch of Adult Range of Products

Collaborate with reputed Hospitals in India and established store network with pharmacy shops.


Launch of Baby Range of Products

Extended our collaboration with reputed baby hospitals in India and get our customer base in short span of time.


Launch of Women Range of Prodcuts

Channelized our exclusive distributors, wholesalers and retailers to reach RealCare products at every city in India


Become the Brand of Best Diapers in India

Over the decade, RealCare maintaining high quality on our products and ensuring continuous supply with consistent quality.

Our Management

People behind the Success of RealCare Brand

Jose Sylvester

Founder | Managing Director

Daisy Jose

Co-Founder | CEO

Our Office

RealCare Hygienic Prodcuts Private Limited

RealCare Hygienic Products Pvt Ltd


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